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This site works for companies and residents in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and soon will handle Massachusetts.

Cut travel and improve communications with Web and Video Conferencing

With the economic downturn, companies everywhere are looking to trim their costs.  Does your company use audio or web conferencing?  If you aren’t, you have an opportunity to reduce travel costs and improve communication.

For audio conferencing, the traditional approach has been to use a pay-per-minute bridging service or use an internal conference bridge.  If you are paying by the minute, the big question is what your rate is.  BCC can help you get a better rate that you have today, in almost every instance.  While you might think your rate is low, you will never know without an outside opinion.

A new technology that is booming is the use of web-based conferencing systems.  These allow you to view everyone with desktop video, while utilizing VoIP to eliminate the per minute phone charges.  Many provider charge a flat rate per month, which can control your costs while increasing your communications capabilities.

Finally, the more traditional video conferencing systems have come down in price and increased in quality.  High Definition video is now reasonably priced, with bandwidth requirements of just 384K to 512K with some vendors.

For more information on how to reduce these costs or for independent support in procuring these technologies, contact Better Cost Control at 617-332-7767 x150.

Benchmarks for Contracts

In looking at outsourcing contracts, if you like the company you are working with, you hope to develop a long term relationship.  Keep that in mind when you draft your contract.  You need to establish benchmarks.

To avoid paying too much, include a mechanism to measure market price benchmarks to allow your prices to go down, if the market dictates.  This will allow you to avoid being locked into a disadvantageous agreement.  Otherwise, years may go down without you realizing that you have been overpaying…and it will be too late.

Cut electricity costs by shutting down unneeded hardware

You can reduce your power costs by simply shutting down desktops computers and monitors when they aren’t in use. This approach can save 50% on electricity costs, says Nemertes Research.

On average, businesses that implemented automatic power management reduced their power consumption by 20%.  That translates to $100,000 for a company with 1,000 desktop computers,

Turning systems on and off can be automated with a variety of software applications for this purpose.  Demand for such software has skyrocketed.  These applications have the intelligence to know when it is OK to shut down a system.   Products typically require a client application installed on each machine. Typical cost is $40 per desktop. 500 PCs at an electricity rate of 17 cents a kwh (using the average of 200 watts) can save $75,000/year by operating only 12 hours Monday thru Friday. The return on investment would be roughly three months.

Save 25% on heating cost this winter

Based on the present NYMEX natural gas prices, many companies have the ability to reduce their heating costs this winter by contracting their natural gas supply this winter.

You may wonder why and how you can save this much money?  Many of the local gas utilities have contracted their natural gas supplies this past summer, when prices were higher.  With the present economic upheaval that we are experiencing, gas prices have dropped.  And you can take advantage of that price drop by contacting Better Cost Control to contract your natural gas supply for this winter.

Locking in a one year price guarantees that your price will not change for the term of the contract.  The utilities only publish their gas supply prices for a limited period of time, like six months.  So we can’t guarantee that you will save 25% after that period, because no one knows what the price of gas will be in six months.  But there is a reasonable chance that if you can save 25% this winter, even if prices go down in the November – December 2009 time frame, you will still come out a winner.  Contact us to learn more about protecting your electricity and gas budgets.