Concrete Company in MA Saves $98,000 through Better Cost Control’s Utility Audit Service

The Story:

Better Cost Control’s  analysts worked with a company liaison to help the client identify areas to reduce costs for their utility expenses.  The client reduced billing surcharges and even obtained refunds.  Furthermore, through a methodical analysis, the client also reduced future surcharge amounts.  BCC analysts drew statistical data from the client’s utility invoices to support efforts of correcting errors.  On behalf of the client, BCC communicated with electric and natural gas suppliers to obtain the credits that were posted to their accounts or received via checks.

The Results:

As a result of the utility bill audit, the client was issued credit statements amounting to just under $30,000.  Additionally, future discounts that Better Cost Control acquired for the client will save the client over $68,000 in the next four years.

Your business should have a professional perform a utility bill audit to mitigate the risk of being constantly over charged.  Click here for more information or contact us via email or call 800-454-0027 x150.