BGE says energy prices will rise for electricity customers

Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. said Thursday that electricity prices will rise for customers who don’t use an outside power supplier, the first jump in energy prices in four years.

That rise in costs, running from June through next May, 2014, comes on top of a distribution-rate increase approved in February.

BGE attributed the electricity price increase to rising natural-gas prices, among other factors.

“We fully understand that cost increases are never welcomed,” said Robert L. Gould, a BGE spokesman. “But we really encourage our customers to help offset the increase.”

One strategy: Shop for another energy supplier.

BGE said nearly 40 percent of its electric customers use third-party companies for their power supply.

The price of natural gas, one of the fuels used to create electricity, plunged in recent years but is on the rise. It cost electric utilities about 16 percent more for natural gas in February than it did the previous year, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The industry’s cost for coal and petroleum dropped modestly during that period.

BGE said customers’ energy costs will be nearly 8 percent lower from June through next May than they were in the 2009-2010 period, thanks to drops in the intervening years. The new price is 14.6 cents per kilowatt hour, compared with 15.8 cents four years earlier.

Green Energy Prices Fall – More Affordable Than Ever

Prices for Green Energy have come down slightly. You can purchase Green Energy with two “flavors”:

  • 100% Green-e Certified Clean Source, or
  • 100% Green-e American Wind

The 100% American Wind has a slightly higher price of $0.00007 per kWH.  So for 1,000,000 annual kWH, the incremental cost is only $70.

You can offset any percentage of your electricity with Green Energy, allowing your company to enhance brand image with the fact that you use Green Power.  There are no switching costs.

At today’s market, the price per kWH ranges from $.0025 to $0.00109, so it is affordable for almost any company to use Green Energy, thanks to easily available Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).  Final prices subject to market conditions when contracted.

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Technological Advancements Plugging in to the Energy Industry with the “Smart Grid”

What is the “Smart Grid”?  The term refers to a concept now being enhanced by Ameren Corporation.  Although it is a term that is relatively new and not everyone has heard of, Ameren’s predecessor companies have been investing in “smart” technologies for nearly three decades. The current subsidiary, Ameren, was founded as a subsidiary back in 1997.

The idea is to implement modern technologies to the National Power Grid; an infrastructure that has traditionally been managed manually as it was developed over the past century.  Ameren targets all sectors of the distribution channel; the transmission grid which is the backbone of the interconnected electrical system, substations that serve as power facilities throughout the system, and the distribution grid that delivers electricity to the homes and businesses that consume it.  The ultimate goal is to update the National Power Grid with modern technologies for better reliability, faster identification of problems, prevention of outages, and all around enhance efficiency.  Not to mention, the implementation of Smart Grid technologies keeps the downward pressure on prices and even minimizes environmental impact.

Sounds like the perfect solution, right?  Some are skeptical of the young technology and its implementation.  The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) rejected Ameren’s plans to install its technologies on the National Power Grid in the states’ regions.  The ICC cited a lack of detail in the plan and was hesitant to accept the cost/benefit analysis that relied on speculative calculations.

Others, however, acknowledge the potential of the concept.  Earlier in June the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved Ameren’s plan to continue implementing its efforts.

The Smart Grid may revolutionize the traditional electrical system of the United States and change the way we distribute this valuable asset to everyone’s life.

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You can contract Green Energy even if you already have a supply contract

In an era of  climate change and energy security, leading companies of all sizes are taking responsibility for their environmental impact by investing in a sustainable future. For a long time, a credible environmental initiative competed with the bottom line.  Now the bottom line depends on it.

Even if your company has an electricity contract already in place, you can offset your carbon impact on the environment very inexpensively through the purchase of Carbon Offsets. These will completely offset the carbon impact of whatever percentage of your electricity usage that you desire.  And the cost is so very low.  For instance, let’s say that your company uses 750,000 kWH/year of electricity.  For a fixed cost of $003 per kWH, or $2250, you can offset 100% of your carbon impact.  Or you might choose to purchase an amount that will offset 50%.  The choice is yours.

For larger companies, the cost drops.  If you use 5,000,000 kWH/year, the cost is only $0.0015 or $7500. (prices based on March 14, 2012 market)  Prices drop further as your size increases.  Plus, it is a fixed one-time charge for the year.

Environmental responsibility is important.  Important for our world and important for your company’s image.

If you would like to discuss purchasing carbon offsets, please call us at 860-436-2768 for more information.