Is It Time To Lock In a Fixed Energy Price?

Eversource released it rate filing for January 1st, 2017 thru June 30th, 2017 for commercial users. Customers who are being billed medium commercial rate codes can choose the published fixed price of $0.10099 per kWh.

As of today, customers billed with a medium commercial rate code can spend as low as $0.094 per kWh for a 6-month term and $0.1002 for a 12-month term. Another advantage is that we also can secure pricing for longer term contracts as well. Imagine not worrying about energy costs for 2 years and knowing exactly how much you would be paying for your commercial energy consumption.

Locking in these lower rates can give commercial business owners peace of mind and lower the risk of paying more than they should. To take control of your costs and gain budget certainty contact Better Cost Control today to see what rate your business is eligible to receive.

Benefits of Fixed Price Energy Costs

Light Bulb Turned on

Massachusetts Electric Company (National Grid) published the pricing for general commercial service rate classes from November 2016 to April 2017. The prices range from $0.07366 per kWh all the way up to $0.10956 per kWh.

As of today, commercial customers can lock in a fixed price of $0.0961 per kWh for a 6-month term. This fixed price will ensure that the amount commercial business owners pay will be consistent for the duration of the contract. We also offer options to sign contracts for longer terms such as a year or even two years, which means commercial customers do not have to worry about their energy costs for the entirety of the contract.

If you think that your business could benefit from fixed energy costs, please feel free to reach out to Better Cost Control. We can find a price that is right for your business that won’t leave you at the mercy of the market.

Western Massachusetts Electric Eversource Basic Service Rates for Jan 2016

Electricity Prices

WMECO (Eversource is Western Massachusetts) filed rates for the period beginning January 1, 2016. All rates are in $/kWh, and include the Default/Basic Service Adders and Renewable Portfolio Standard and Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard Adders

Small C&I (23, 24, G-0, T-0)
Fixed Price Jan. 1, 2016 – Jun. 30, 2016: $0.10609

Monthly Variable Rates:
Jan: $0.14330
Feb: $0.14360
Mar: $0.10289
Apr: $0.08506
May: $0.07291
Jun: $0 07837

Medium/Large C&I (G-2, T-4, T-2, T-5)

Monthly Variable Rates:
Jan: $0.12709
Feb: $0.12806
Mar: $0.10226

Fixed Price: Jan. 1, 2016 – March. 31, 2016: $0.11950

As a comparison, a G2 customer contracting a 12-month fixed price
contract thru Better Cost Control today (11/2/2015) would pay 
$0.086 and eliminate all price volatility. A G1 customer would pay
a slight bit more.

National Grid Supply Rates to Rise 54%!

Electric MeterNational Grid has announced the new Standard Offer electricity supply prices for customers in Massachusetts.  The new pricing demonstrates that energy prices are rising dramatically:

Fixed Medium and Large General Service (G-2, G-3)

For the period period 11/1/2013 to 1/31/2014:

SEMA: 9.895/kWh (up 54.8%)

WCMA: 9.804/kWh (up 52.3%)

NEMA: 9.960/kWh (up 55.2%)

Fixed Small General Service (G-1)

For the period 11/1/2013 to 4/30/2014: 9.448/kWH (up 38.9%)

For National Grid customers on a variable rate, prices will rise to a peak of 12.4/kWH by January 2014.

You can protect yourself from these rising prices today with a fixed price electricity contract.  Contact us for a quotation.

New Standard Offer Prices for National Grid in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts DPU approved new standard offer electricity supply pricing for National Grid customers for the period May 2013 to October 2013.

Fixed Basic Service Charge in ¢/kWh
May-October 2013
G-1: 6.827
Streetlights: 6.827

Fixed Basic Service Charge in ¢/kWh
May-July 2013
G-2, G-3 May: 7.208
G-2, G-3 June: 7.152
G-2, G-3 July: 7.119

Variable Basic Service Charge in ¢/kWh
May-October 2013
NEMA G-2, G-3:
May: 6.516
June: 7.448
July: 7.626

SEMA G-2, G-3
May: 6.495
June: 7.342
July: 7.583

WCMA G-2, G-3
May: 6.408
June: 7.336
July: 7.575

G-1 in all zones
May: 6.899
June: 7.347
July 7.6861
August: 7.354
September: 6.998
October: 7.030
Streetlights: 6.827

The complete DPU filing can be viewed here.

To protect your business from price fluctuations and obtain the lowest possible competitive pricing, contact Better Cost Control.

Nstar announces new basic service rates for July 1

Massachusetts Nstar customers can breath some relief with lower prices beginning July 1.  Despite these price reductions, customers that decide to obtain fixed price electricity contracts from their energy broker will still save money with a fixed price contract, though not the enormous savings seen in the beginning of 2012.

Commercial & Street Lighting
Fixed Price Option (July – December): 6.686

Monthly Variable Price Option
July: 6.738
August: 6.700
September: 6.173
October: 6.200
November: 6.447
December: 7.796

Industrial (NEMA)
Fixed Price Option (July – September): 5.550

Monthly Variable Price Option
July: 5.695
August: 5.629
September: 5.300

Industrial (SEMA)
Fixed Price Option (July – September): 5.362

Monthly Variable Price Option
July: 5.545
August: 5.461
September: 5.038

Nstar and National Grid to lower electricity rates for basic service

Massachusetts electricity ratepayers could soon see their electricity bills shrink as the lowest natural gas prices in over ten years make it cheaper to produce power.

Nearly 60 percent of the state’s electricity is generated by gas-fired power plants, and utilities – which have been paying less to buy that power – are passing the savings on to consumers.

NStar, now a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities of Boston and Hartford, asked state regulators on Monday to approve a nearly 16 percent cut in power rates for its 1.1 million electricity customers. That would bring the charge to its lowest in eight years.

Last week, National Grid, the state’s second largest utility, lowered its electricity supply charge by nearly 19 percent.

Both Nstar and National Grid typically provide prices for a period of  six months for fixed price customers (NStar: Jan to June and then July – Dec. National Grid: May – October and November – April). Industrial customer basic service prices are fixed for only three months.

The fixed prices that utilities contract with suppliers are based on auctions prior to the start date of the new fixed prices, in the same way that you, the commercial customer, contracts electricity.  When the utility fixed price offer expires, the new price will be based on market conditions at that time, which we forecast will be higher, since natural gas prices have come off of their lows.  Our recommendation is to contract for an eighteen month period at present, even if that price is slightly higher than what the utility standard offer is.  While the initial price might be higher, you will save when the present basic service price period ends, having locked in a fixed price for a longer period. Averaging those savings against the short-term price difference will protect you from price increases and control your energy budget.  Contact us for more information about controlling your electricity costs.

Nstar announces Large Commercial/Industrial Standard Offer pricing for April – June 2012 for Massachusetts

Nstar announced the Standard Offer pricing for Large Industrial Customers, for the period April – June, 2012.

NEMA: Rates B3, B7, 62, 70
April: 5.53¢
May: 5.583¢
June: 5.48¢

April: 5.207¢
May: 5.222¢
June: 5.130¢

National Grid – Massachusetts Default Standard Offer Rates

In Massachusetts, the present National Grid standard offer rates are:

G1 and Street Lights: 8.045¢/kWh thru April 30, 2012

G2: For the period thru January 31, 2012:

SEMA: 8.74¢

NEMA: 8.234¢

WCMA: 8.307¢

From February 1 thru April 30, 2012: 

SEMA: 6.87¢

NEMA: 6.917¢

WCMA: 6.899¢

Nstar announces new Standard Offer pricing for January – June 2012 for Massachusetts

Nstar has announced the Standard Offer price for electricity, for the period starting January 1, 2012.


  • Jan: 9.627
  • Feb: 9.247
  • March: 7.470
  • April: 7.235
  • May: 7.129
  • June: 7.032
  • Average for Jan – June: 7.957

Industrial – NEMA:

  • Jan: 9.009
  • Feb: 8.657
  • March: 6.827

Industrial – SEMA:

  • Jan: 9.124
  • Feb: 8.600
  • March: 6.827

For Fixed Rate Standard Offer, the rates are:

  • Commercial: 7.995 (Jan – June 2012)
  • Industrial NEMA: 8.351 (through Sept 2012)
  • Industrial SEMA: 8.207 (through Sept 2012)




National Grid Files Massachusetts Electricity Rates for Nov 2011 to April 2012

National Grid has filed its new rates with Mass Dept of Public Utilities.  This rate filing is important in evaluating the value of contracting electricity in the state of Massachusetts.  While this summer, the rates were unusually low, fixed price contracts can benefit customers again.  The following rates were filed:

NEMA: G-2 and G-3

Fixed Price 11/1/2011 to 4/30/2012: 8.234¢

Variable: Nov 2011: 6.947¢, Dec 2011: 8.292¢, Jan 2012: 9.401¢

SEMA: G2 and G-3

Fixed Price 11/1/2011 to 4/30/2012: 8.074¢

Variable: Nov 2011: 7.060¢, Dec 2011: 8.715¢, Jan 2012: 8.394¢