Are you overpaying for merchant banking fees

When was the last time your company evaluated your credit card fees from your bank?  You might be surprised on the savings potential that might be hiding in your merchant banking bills.  Having a pro at Better Cost Control take a look might save you money…and without complicated switching costs.

Do you have passwords on all your telephone accounts?

Did you know that your telephone carrier can call someone at your office, offer them a “deal” of some sorts and bind your company to a three year contract?  Verizon does this regularly.  The only way you learn of this is from carefully reading your phone bill the next month.  Most people never learn about this until they want to cancel a few phone lines during a downturn.  They then learn that they need to pay cancellation charges.

Protect yourself!  Simply associate a password on all your telecom accounts to prevent people without the authority from making these kinds of decisions.

Are your entitled to credits from FedEx, UPS and DHL?

Did you know that when a FedEx morning delivery letter misses the 10:30 guaranteed delivery time, that you are entitled to a 100% credit for that shipment?

All the major package delivery companies have a variety of service guarantees.  To claim credits on these guarantees, you need to review the invoices to see the delivery date and time, compare that to the guarantee and then file for credits all within ten days.  Do you have the time and energy to do this?  I’ll bet the answer is no!

 Our industry benchmarks demonstrate that 3% to 5% of deliveries are not performed to the guaranteed service level.  So if your company spends $150,000 on FedEx or UPS shipments, there might be $4500 to $7500 in credits that you are missing out on.  If you spend $500,000/year, then the numbers rise to $15,000 to $25,000 in possible credits.

You say, ” I don’t have time to worry about that!”

I say: there are automated ways of doing this that take absolutely no time.  You just get a check in the mail every month.  It’s like free money!   Read about how one client did it.

The mantra of cost reduction is to leave no stone unturned.  Saving small amounts in many areas adds up to serious money.

What is the impact of $50,000 of cost reduction compared to $50,000 of additional sales?

This blog is under development.  But ponder the above thought.  The services provided by Better Cost Control allow you to improve your bottom line with virtually no effort or risk.

Come back soon.