Connecticut Electricity Customers Will Have Sticker Shock This January

Customers in Connecticut will be paying a higher rate for their electricity this January and there could be more price increases to come. State regulators announced that Eversource and United Illuminating will be increase their generation rates to make “investments in the electric system”.

Eversource is set to increase its Small C&I Standard Service rates by about 12%. In addition, Eversource is also requesting a three-year, $336.8 million increase that would rise the average consumer’s electricity bill by 6.79 percent. Listed below are their published rates through June 2018.

CL&P Standard Service Rates, Jan 2018 – Jun 2018 (¢/kWh)

Rate 1            9.078

Rate 5            9.078

Rate 7

On-Peak      11.701

Off-Peak      8.201

Rate 18           9.304

Rate 27

On-Peak      11.353

Off-Peak      8.353

Rate 29           9.304

Rate 30           9.304

Rate 35           9.304

Rate 37

On-Peak      11.353

Off-Peak      8.353

Rate 40           9.304

Rate 41 (less than 500 kW)

On-Peak      11.474

Off-Peak      8.474

Rate 55 (less than 500 kW)

On-Peak      11.474

Off-Peak      8.474

Rate 56 (less than 500 kW)

On-Peak      11.474

Off-Peak      8.474

Rate 115          9.304

Rate 116          9.728

Rate 117          9.728

Rate 119          9.314

United Illuminating is also set to increase their rates. Their GS standard service rate will rise from 7.54 cents per kWh to 9.4509 cents per kWh. Listed below are the rates customers can expect to pay.

UI Jan-Jun 2018 Standard Service Rates (¢/kWh)** Rates include Bypassable FMCC **

Rate GS:      9.4509

Rate GST

On-Peak:   11.3776

Off-Peak:   8.3776

Rate LPT

On-Peak:   11.5397

Off-Peak    8.5397

Rate M:       9.8006

Rate U:       9.8006

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