Deregulated States

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Competitive Electricity

If your business resides in a deregulated state, competitive electricity rates are available while your electricity continues to be delivered and serviced through your respective utility supplier.

Control your Electricity Price Risk and Save Big

Utility rules in these states allow you to shop for your electricity supplier to find the best prices for your requirements. Better Cost Control makes it easy since we communicate with all the suppliers, providing you with a single point of contact and expert advice to get your best electricity supply deal.

All we need to obtain pricing options is a copy of your electric bill. If we see that your rate category requires interval data, we will need your authorization to obtain additional information from the utility.

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What happens when you choose a new electricity supplier?

  1. The new supplier notifies the old supplier and utility that you have changed suppliers.
  2. The new supplier transmits utility account information to the utility in order to enroll you as a customer.
  3. The utility confirms, by letter to you, of your new supplier selection and the date your new service begins.
  4. The actual change of supplier occurs on the meter reading date following a successful enrollment.
  5. Your present utility continues to deliver your electricity and remains your single point of contact for any service issues.

Better Cost Control Does it Better

Better Cost Control consists of independent licensed brokers who work with power generation & supply companies around the nation to get you the best terms on your energy. Many energy supply companies only work through brokers to avoid high marketing costs, so we find electricity and natural gas prices that aren’t advertised and are only available to a select few. We then help you lock in those prices, saving you real money.


Stop playing the risk game and control your energy costs by contacting Better Cost Control. For more information, contact us via email or call 800-454-0027 x150.