Energy Broker Management System

Screen-1Finally, an easy way to manage commissions, renewals & documents!

An affordable energy broker management system to help you earn more money and save time, built by energy brokers for energy brokers. Perfect for electricity brokers and natural gas brokers that pay commissions to sales people and independent sales agents.

Assures that you’ve been paid by suppliers for every meter reading, without any gaps or missed months.


  • Allocates every commission payment to the correct sales person or multiple sales person.
  • Tells you when an account hasn’t started paying on time.
  • Saves time during monthly commission reconciliation and payment.
  • Complete audit trail
  • Online reporting to all sales people, no need for printed reports
  • Provides payment reports based on actual receipts

Most energy brokers simply don’t have the management tools to assure they get paid exactly as they should every month, since they depend on Microsoft Excel.

In daily use and enhanced over four years, this online system can now be yours.

Increases trust and motivation with easy access for sales people to view the details of all their accounts, including every meter reading and commission payment.  Automatic alarms and discrepancy emails are sent to the supplier when a meter read interval is skipped on a commission report.

As an added bonus, includes utility databases for the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts to assist in confirming usage data and prospecting for business. Fully searchable by company name, street, zip-code and more. Great for prospecting by street or finding multi-location prospects.

What else does the Energy Broker Management System do?

  • Renewal reminders
  • Document management
  • Training
  • RFP functions with automated supplier search by LDC or EDC
  • Alerts for deals not started, commissions missed & renewals approaching
  • Handles commission overrides for referral business or co-brokered deals
  • Reports payments by state to simplify tax filings
  • Reports sales by supplier & sales rep by any time period
  • Commission advances to sales reps with no further payment until advance is repaid by cash flow
  • Optional outsourced commission reporting: receive your commission payment report each month

Affordable monthly pricing based on your business size, so you can afford it!

Learn more by calling Steve Garson at 860-436-2768.

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