Energy Brokers and Sales Agents – Services for Success

Better Cost Control never charges its independent energy brokers or sales reps to sell on behalf of our company.  We do it better.  Learn how.

Energy Sales People

Free training is a given.  Our interests are aligned so we are committed to your success. Proper training is the first step.  This includes building a proper foundation to understand the energy business, how to target customers, understanding the price quotation process, generating contracts and closing the deals.

Our sales tools are special.  Besides phone scripts and PDF brochures that can be customized with your contact information, we offer a proprietary database application for customer prospecting in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Massachusetts.

Renewable or Green Energy can be offered to customers in all 50 states, not just the deregulated states.

A great way to get a foot in the door is by selling our utility bill audit program.  This costs the customer nothing, with any fees generated from refunds obtained from billing errors.  What easier way to get copies of prospect electric and gas bills?

All of our independent energy brokers and sales agents have free access to our web portal that provides management of all their customers.  This includes the contacts, meter numbers, estimated annual usage, actual usage while under contract, commissions and cash flow forecasts.  In addition, this system will remind you 90-days before the end of any customer contract that the end date is approaching, so you can get the renewal.  This becomes more important as your book of business grows and starts to become unmanageable without automation tools.  You can also download supplier contracts when you need them right from our portal.  All this is provided at no charge.

But we do make available some services, at a modest fee,  that might be of value to our independent energy brokers and sales reps.

Option 1:

Obtain an email address with .  This email address is hosted by Google-Apps for Business.  This means that in addition to the amazing search-ability of Gmail, you also have access to Google calendar, Google documents and 25GB of email storage. All your data is backed up. We do not mark up the annual $50 charge for this service.  To learn more, visit

Option 2:
Use, the ultimate in contact management and customer relation management.  This is the #1 sales application in the world.  Your contacts and all your data will be available anywhere. In addition, this subscription will make available Better Cost Control utility customer data provided by utilities in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Ohio that provides the annual usage data for every customer.  This data is available under the confidentiality clauses of our independent agent agreement.  Please note that the lists provided by the utilities does not include phones numbers or contact names.  We do not mark-up the $180 annual subscription fee to  To learn more, visit

We support our sales reps efforts.  If you think of additional services that might be of benefit, contact us.

Call +1 860-436-2768 with any questions.