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Expert Witness Electricity & Gas Supply
If your company or organization has a conflict with an electricity or gas supplier that requires the advice of an expert in the field, Steve Garson, President of Better Cost Control, is available as an expert witness to assist your company or your legal representatives.

The most common conflict pertains to variable rate pricing, which can occur when a fixed price contract expires.  Unless a new contract is obtained, variable pricing then begins on a month-to-month basis.  There is nothing wrong with this pricing approach, but sometimes, what is charged is not correct.  If you are large user, over charges can become substantial.  Contact Better Cost Control if you require an expert.  Often, we can advise you before you even contact a law firm.

Understanding how daily and monthly pricing works is very complicated for the average person.  Using an expert in the field can save you time and money, putting you in a better position to win your case.  Or, we can help you to avoid expensive litigation if we advise you that your supplier actually did nothing that was unacceptable under the terms of your energy contract. But if you do end up litigating, an expert witness like Steve Garson will provide you with the reporting and testimony that you require.  Call 860-436-2768 x 150 for more information.  Or complete this form:

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