What are FERC Order 745 Costs?

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Commercial Customer Question:

Taking a closer look at my most recent energy bill I notice a line item for FERC ORDER 745 costs. Why are these costs being listed on my bill and what are these funds going towards paying?

BCC Answer:

In the beginning of 2016 the Supreme Court voted to uphold FERC Order 745. This law gives the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) the authority to reward Demand Response programs. Demand Response programs work to balance out supply and demand during peak operating times by giving customers a monetary benefit for reducing their energy usage during these times.  This reduction in usage allows for better grid reliability since demand is decreasing. This ruling should help the energy market better regulate energy consumption and lower rates for participating markets. This also means that customers will be seeing a line item for this federally mandated fee on their energy bill for participating markets.

What are Commercial Businesses’ options:

For those business owners who are trying to regulate their energy costs, this is just another variable in their monthly expenses. However, business owners don’t have to leave it all up to chance. Right now, commercial businesses can lock in long term contracts for a fixed energy price that will guarantee the price they pay for their energy consumption and take one variability out of the equation.  Long term contracts allow businesses to better budget and give them peace of mind in an ever-changing market. Reach out to Better Cost Control today if you would like to learn how we could help your commercial business. We have been in the business since 2002 and can offer your company a no obligation quote. Call us today to see what we can save your business.