Fitness Club Owners’ Electricity Buying Group

Are you the owner of a Fitness Club or a chain of clubs?  What do you pay per month for your electricity supply? Are you in a deregulated state?

Fitness Clubs use electricity in a way that entitles them to lower electricity prices due to their load profile.  Why?  Because electricity at night and on weekends is much less expensive to generate.  Your business operates at those times when the costs are lower, so you should benefit from that.  How?  By using the Fitness Club Owners’ Electricity Buying Group.  We’ll show you how you can control your energy costs along with other similar businesses.  Plus, if you are interested in including Green Energy, we can offer that to you, even if you already have an electricity contract in place.

Contracting your electricity will allow you to know exactly what your energy costs will be, eliminating your risk of rising prices.  It’s not complicated with the guidance of Better Cost Control.  We’ve been in this business since 2002.

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