Green Energy Prices Fall – More Affordable Than Ever

Prices for Green Energy have come down slightly. You can purchase Green Energy with two “flavors”:

  • 100% Green-e Certified Clean Source, or
  • 100% Green-e American Wind

The 100% American Wind has a slightly higher price of $0.00007 per kWH.  So for 1,000,000 annual kWH, the incremental cost is only $70.

You can offset any percentage of your electricity with Green Energy, allowing your company to enhance brand image with the fact that you use Green Power.  There are no switching costs.

At today’s market, the price per kWH ranges from $.0025 to $0.00109, so it is affordable for almost any company to use Green Energy, thanks to easily available Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).  Final prices subject to market conditions when contracted.

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