The Energy Advocate You Need

Lower Electricity Prices

Choose a high-volume broker with deep experience

Better Cost Control is comprised of experts—exactly what you need when navigating potential energy suppliers. We understand the rules, regulations and energy pricing strategies. Our team possesses the critical elements required to serve as your advocate: technical sophistication, business acumen and longstanding relationships with all the suppliers.

Keep in mind: Better Cost Control is a high-volume broker with deep experience. That is the reason we can save you money against the best quoted price. You want the best deal for your company. We know that, and we know how to look out for your interests.

At Better Cost Control, we want to keep you as a customer for life. So we offer you the best service, make sure you understand your options, and we never waste your time.

Why do business with Better Cost Control?

Our experience and expertise puts us in the position to get you the best terms on your energy costs. We do this by finding prices that are not advertised and negotiating with energy supply companies, some of whom only work with brokers like Better Cost Control. Those energy companies save money because they don’t need to involve their sales staff. Moreover, some energy suppliers don’t even have a sales staff and don’t advertise, so you’ve never heard of them.

But we know all the suppliers well, and we are skilled at negotiating with them.
The result: we pass those savings on to you.

This is where we live—working with energy suppliers throughout the U.S. and well aware of their individual strengths and weaknesses. We shop for competitive prices all the time. We understand that, with the market fluctuations, price comparisons need to be made on the same day. You’ll see that the bids we obtain on your behalf represent a true “apples-to-apples” comparison.

If you have ever encountered an energy contract, you know they are highly complex. The devil is in the details; what seems at first to be the lowest price may, in the end, actually be higher than you thought. The Better Cost Control team negotiates hundreds of these contracts each year. We know what to look for.

If a sales representative from an energy supplier offers you a contract, think again. Better Cost Control will offer you that product, plus five others. We work for you, not the energy suppliers, always with the goal of getting you the best price and the best terms. That way, you are squarely in control.