Is It Time To Lock In a Fixed Energy Price?

Eversource released it rate filing for January 1st, 2017 thru June 30th, 2017 for commercial users. Customers who are being billed medium commercial rate codes can choose the published fixed price of $0.10099 per kWh.

As of today, customers billed with a medium commercial rate code can spend as low as $0.094 per kWh for a 6-month term and $0.1002 for a 12-month term. Another advantage is that we also can secure pricing for longer term contracts as well. Imagine not worrying about energy costs for 2 years and knowing exactly how much you would be paying for your commercial energy consumption.

Locking in these lower rates can give commercial business owners peace of mind and lower the risk of paying more than they should. To take control of your costs and gain budget certainty contact Better Cost Control today to see what rate your business is eligible to receive.