Make Money with Demand Response Load Curtailment Programs

What is Load Curtailment?

Signing up for a demand response or load curtailment program provides participants with a significant payoff with little effort or risk. The payments change year-to-year, but the Independent System Operator will pay $0.10 per Kilowatt-hour or the LMP price of contracted hourly load curtailment, whichever is higher.

During electricity emergencies, the power grid is stressed with more demand than the generation system can supply. Load Curtailment, or Demand Response, is a program where companies agree to potentially reduce their electricity usage for a brief period, on demand, to help with such a crisis.

What Can We Earn?

By contracting to participate, if you qualify, you can earn up to the LMP price/ Kilowatt-hour of reduced demand. You must be capable of reducing your load by 100KW during the energy emergency.

What Do We Need to Do?

Your company must commit to a one-hour curtailment of the contracted load of electricity, on a date that will be specified four months in advance. You can plan a company meeting, a picnic, retooling, or anything you want to take place during this hour. Or, if you have generators, this would be the perfect time to run your monthly generator test and get paid for it!

What Happens When There Is a Real Energy Emergency?

Your company will receive a two hour notice with a request to curtail your power. You are under absolutely NO OBLIGATION to curtail your power. If you choose not to, then you will forfeit the agreed upon participation fee. If you in fact do curtail, then you will receive your full payment.

Are There Any “Gotchas”?

Nothing major. You need to have a minimum demand of 100KW and you need to sign up each year, since this is an annual program.

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