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Competitive Electricity Rates are available to your Maryland business delivered by any of the following utilities:

  • Allegheny Power
  • Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE)
  • Delmarva Power

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In Maryland, if you remain with your utility service without contracting, you can expect to pay a market rate for wholesale electricity plus an administrative fee and taxes. The administrative fee does not apply to supply from a competitive supplier.  Maryland classifies energy consumers into three categories.

Type-I Electricity Customers: prices for small commercial customers (under 25 kW) change every six months. Supply for this class, has been “laddered” to shield customers from exposure to the wholesale market at any one time. The supply needs for these businesses are split into quarters, and 25% of supply is procured every six months for a period of two years — meaning the standard offer price is a revolving mix of old and current supply contracts. While intended to shield small customers from the price volatility witnessed by larger commercial users, this “laddering” can also raise prices through risk premiums. The standard offer price also does not fall as quickly when the wholesale market price falls, because only a small part of  supply is being bought in the current market.

Type-II Electricity Customers: Medium-sized business customers (25 kW to 600 kW) receive a standard offer price that changes quarterly. All the electricity supply to serve these utility standard offer customers is bought every three months, meaning prices often vary widely during the year. Customers can avoid these price fluctuations by contracting with a alternative electric provider.

Hourly Metered Businesses: Large business and industrial electricity users (those above 600 kW) receive hourly prices from the PJM wholesale market. These prices vary with the spot wholesale market price of electricity, which is extremely volatile. Thus, most large users have contracted with a competitive energy provider to avoid these hourly prices, and receive rate stability.

Contract Your Electricity

Again, all that is needed to obtain pricing is to provide a copy of your electric bill. If we see that your rate category requires interval data, we will need your authorization to obtain additional information from the utility.

Stop playing the risk game and control your energy costs by contacting Better Cost Control.  For more information, contact us via email or call 800-454-0027 x150.

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