National Grid Basic Service Rate Approved for Massachusetts

Electricity Transformer

National Grid has announced the new Basic Service electricity supply prices for customers in Massachusetts for the period November 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016.

Fixed Medium and Large General Service (G-2, G-3)

SEMA: 12.448¢/kWh

WCMA: 12.167¢/kWh

NEMA: 12.410¢/kWh

Fixed Small General Service (G-1) : 12.709¢/Kwh

For National Grid customers on a variable rate, prices will rise to a peak of 14.841¢/kWH by January 2016.

G2/G3 rates for variable rates:

November 2015:

NEMA: 9.864

SEMA: 9.774

WCMA: 9.309


NEMA: 12.404

SEMA: 12.407

WCMA: 12.062


NEMA: 14.656

SEMA: 14.841

WCMA: 14.782

You can protect yourself from these rising prices today with a fixed price electricity contract. As a comparison, today (9/24/15) a fixed contract starting in November, 2015 would have the following fixed prices for the life of the contract:

One Year Fixed:

G1: 8.94¢

G2: 8.695¢

G3: 8.625¢

This will protect you from the increased costs while saving you money for the entire length of this rate cycle.

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