National Grid Supply Rates to Rise 54%!

Electric MeterNational Grid has announced the new Standard Offer electricity supply prices for customers in Massachusetts.  The new pricing demonstrates that energy prices are rising dramatically:

Fixed Medium and Large General Service (G-2, G-3)

For the period period 11/1/2013 to 1/31/2014:

SEMA: 9.895/kWh (up 54.8%)

WCMA: 9.804/kWh (up 52.3%)

NEMA: 9.960/kWh (up 55.2%)

Fixed Small General Service (G-1)

For the period 11/1/2013 to 4/30/2014: 9.448/kWH (up 38.9%)

For National Grid customers on a variable rate, prices will rise to a peak of 12.4/kWH by January 2014.

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