Ohio Public Utility Commission Publishes New Apples to Apples Natural Gas Rate Comparison

Kudos to the state of Ohio for making it so much easier for businesses to compare the cost of natural gas when shopping for a competitive supplier. The latest comparison information was just published. The prices to compare are as follows:

Duke Energy for May 2012: $0.4130 per CCF

Vectron Energy for May 2012: $0.39655 per CCF

It is important to note that the above price is only for the month of May.  Indications are that prices are rising, so to protect yourself from rising prices, you may want to consider a fixed price gas contract.  You will need to pay a higher price now, but how much gas do you use during the summer? Trust us when we say that winter prices will not be this low.  Call it insurance against the winter gas costs.

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