Penelec Announces New Price to Compare for September

Electric Meter

Penelec’s Price to Compare is the total of the Generation Charge + Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard + Transmission Charge.  You can read the entire filing by clicking here.

The default service Price to Compare has increased for commercial customers, but decreased for residential customers, as follows

For the period September 1, 2013 through November 30, 2013

  • General Service (GS): .07612¢/kWh

As of this date, customers contacting for a fixed rate of $0.0717 will save 5.8% for the above period, while eliminating the chance of rising prices for the term of their contract.

Remember that the Price to Compare changes every three months.  You have no way of controlling your electricity costs without obtaining a competitive fixed price contract.  Contact us for more more information on electricity supply for your non-residential accounts.  Also consider the benefits of Renewable Energy Credits.