PennPower PTC May Not Be The Best Option For Your Business

PennPower has available the price to compare (PTC) default service electric rates as of September 1st, 2016. This price is the dollars per kilowatt-hour that will be charged for default service by your electric distribution company. The published price for commercial users is a minimum of $0.07387/kWh.

As of today, a commercial customer can lock in a price as low as $0.06135/kWh for a 36-month term. This fixed rate allows customers to pay less than PennPower’s quoted price and guarantees that price for the duration of the contract. Clients who do not feel comfortable signing up for a longer-term contract also have the option of a 12-month contract. The fixed price for a 12-month term may be as low as $0.06209/kWh. This option is still a great fixed price for commercial users as it is less than the PTC of PennPower.

Locking in these lower rates can give commercial business owners peace of mind and lower the risk of paying more than they should. To take control of your costs and gain budget certainty contact Better Cost Control today to see what rate your business is eligible to receive.