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Predicting your Energy Future

If you are like most CFOs or business owners, the peaks and valleys of your company’s energy bill put you on an unnecessary roller coaster ride. From month to month you never know what to expect.

What if you could predict your energy costs?

Every business person knows that the more expenses you can predict, the more accurate the financial outlook. So how are you supposed to plan for the future if you don’t know how much power will cost next month or next quarter?

Just like any other commodity, electricity and gas prices fluctuate wildly and most companies get caught in the middle. The fact is, you can lock in prices and take advantage of discounts if you have an advocate like Better Cost Control negotiate with multiple suppliers . This lets you plan for the long-term and reduce the risk associated with the open market.

Predicting the Future and Leveling the Bumps

Like most executives you probably accept your electric or gas bill as a matter of course. Each month the local power or gas  company sends a bill and you pay it. But that means you are exposing yourself to the greatest possible price risks since you have no idea what future price you will need to pay.

As with any commodity, energy prices fluctuate depending on peak usage, demand and the price of fuel. Plus,  suppliers historically price for the average user in a rate category, so all companies get one price no matter when they’re using their power or what their load profile looks like.

You may benefit from your off peak electricity usage to save up to 20% compared to other users in your rate category. You should pay for the energy you use based on how and when you use it.  But you can only do that if you contract directly with a supplier.

The fact is your utility company acts as your broker, buying electricity from a select few power companies and selling it to you. But brokering power isn’t their main focus, so they only buy for relatively small time periods to manage their risk. The result is that they pass on the risk to you–and your prices fluctuate radically.

Better Cost Control does it Better

That’s what Better Cost Control does. We’re independent licensed brokers who work with electricity & gas supply companies around the nation to get you the best prices and  terms on your energy. Often, we find prices that aren’t advertised, from energy supply companies only work through brokers…so they can to avoid high marketing costs. We then help you lock in those prices, saving you real money.

Stop playing the risk game and control your energy costs by contacting Better Cost Control.

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