Solar Panel Installers – earn a new revenue stream

Green Energy from SolarSolar Panel installers can use an electricity broker like Better Cost Control to earn additional profits. Everyone selling solar panels has copies of their customer and prospect electricity bills.  You need them to make your financial case.  But those bills are also the key to selling a fixed rate electricity contract.  With Better Cost Control, you can earn a recurring revenue stream by selling electricity supply contracts to the same customers that you are selling Solar Panels.  And selling an electricity contract is a lot less complicated than selling roof-top solar arrays.

Better Cost Control markets in all the deregulated states.  The process is very easy, once you have customer invoices.  We just need to work with you to determine how the customer’s annual usage will be reduced by the solar power that is generated.  You’ll make a commission on every kilowatt-hour of electricity that they use off the grid.  You’re already meeting with the customer, so selling another services takes very little energy…no pun intended!

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