Staying Ahead of Winter Energy Costs

As we bid adieu to warm summer days and welcome in the cold winter nights many business owners need to consider their energy costs.

As the season changes so too will factors that affect the price of electricity and gas. Right now, natural gas has kept up with the demand of the market, but with colder temperatures predicted, this may not be true for long. It has been said that this year the northern US will be colder and damper than in the past and the southern US will experience warmer and drier temperatures. While everywhere else has been said to go either way.

Power price projections are also increasing, meaning what business owners pay right now might dramatically change when winter strikes. This volatility could cause some organizations to spend more than they had originally planned and leave them at the whim of the market. Although commercial customers do have options. Those who lock in fixed cost, long-term contract at a lower price now can beat the spike in price and save money on their energy consumption.

At Better Cost Control, we can analyze each individual business’s energy consumption and get them the best price possible. We work with all providers so we do not have any motives except to get your company the best price. In addition, long-term contract terms mean that for the length of the contract business owners do not have to worry about increased market prices. Stop playing the risk game and reach out to Better Cost Control today.