Our clients begin reaping savings, almost immediately

Founded in 2001, Better Cost Control has worked in dozens of industries for hundreds of clients and has saved them millions of dollars.  What’s particularly impressive is that all of these organizations reaped savings without expending much effort or out-of-pocket expense:

Some recent results include:

A measuring-instruments manufacturer reduced its electricity costs by 15%, adding $50,000 to its bottom line, while providing complete budget certainty…read more
A office equipment distributor reduced gas and electric costs adding  $20,000 to its bottom line…read more
A major government contractor, using 25 million kWH/year, put it’s energy budget under control, managing its costs with regular recommendations by Better Cost Control…read more
A city of 55,000 went out to bid, on its own, for its electricity.  Better Cost Control got involved and reduced their costs by $150,000 for the year before the final contracts were signed….read more
A life insurance company contracted their electricity costs, adding $35,000 to its bottom line…read more
A medical practice management and software company that had it’s electricity billed by their landlord, discovered that they could control their electricity and gas costs with the help of Better Cost Control.
Concrete company in Massachusetts saved $98,000 through a utility bill audit performed by Better Cost Control…read more
Through a utility bill audit performed by Better Cost Control, a non-profit hospital in Massachusetts was able to capitalize on over $150,000 in savings…read more