You can contract Green Energy even if you already have a supply contract

In an era of  climate change and energy security, leading companies of all sizes are taking responsibility for their environmental impact by investing in a sustainable future. For a long time, a credible environmental initiative competed with the bottom line.  Now the bottom line depends on it.

Even if your company has an electricity contract already in place, you can offset your carbon impact on the environment very inexpensively through the purchase of Carbon Offsets. These will completely offset the carbon impact of whatever percentage of your electricity usage that you desire.  And the cost is so very low.  For instance, let’s say that your company uses 750,000 kWH/year of electricity.  For a fixed cost of $003 per kWH, or $2250, you can offset 100% of your carbon impact.  Or you might choose to purchase an amount that will offset 50%.  The choice is yours.

For larger companies, the cost drops.  If you use 5,000,000 kWH/year, the cost is only $0.0015 or $7500. (prices based on March 14, 2012 market)  Prices drop further as your size increases.  Plus, it is a fixed one-time charge for the year.

Environmental responsibility is important.  Important for our world and important for your company’s image.

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