Green Energy Prices Fall – More Affordable Than Ever

Prices for Green Energy have come down slightly. You can purchase Green Energy with two “flavors”:

  • 100% Green-e Certified Clean Source, or
  • 100% Green-e American Wind

The 100% American Wind has a slightly higher price of $0.00007 per kWH.  So for 1,000,000 annual kWH, the incremental cost is only $70.

You can offset any percentage of your electricity with Green Energy, allowing your company to enhance brand image with the fact that you use Green Power.  There are no switching costs.

At today’s market, the price per kWH ranges from $.0025 to $0.00109, so it is affordable for almost any company to use Green Energy, thanks to easily available Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).  Final prices subject to market conditions when contracted.

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Saving money on Electricity in Pennsylvania

There are multiple suppliers for each of Pennsylvania’s electric utility providers and most offer savings that can be significant.

In Allegheny County, customers get their electricity from one of three electricity distributors:

  •  Duquesne Light
  •  West Penn Power and
  •  Pennsylvania Power.

The largest, Duquesne Light, provides service to about 95 percent of the county’s customers, also has the largest number of licensed competitors, 14.  All these competitors offer rates below Duquesne’s current price to compare of 9.32 cent per Kilowatt Hour (kWh).  All these competitors are offered through Better Cost Control.

One supplier, for instance, currently offers a 15 percent discount on Duquesne’s rate, or 7.92 cent, for one year. Another is offering a 25 percent discount, 6.99 cent, through May 2013.  The third is offering Duquesne customers a fixed rate of 7.15 cent through March 2014.  Depending on a customer’s load profile, their contracted electricity rates can be dramatically lower.

Sonny Popowsky, head of the PA Office of Consumer Advocate, said the difference is due to how the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission sets rates for electrical distributors.

The PUC approves Duquesne’s rates in three-year increments. So their current rate was set in 2010 and wholesale prices have dropped since then,” he said. “West Penn’s and Penn Power’s rates are based on current prices and adjusted every three months. That means the biggest savings are found in Duquesne’s territory.”

Because of that, Penn Power customers are, for now, out of luck because none of its three competitors can match its current 6.20 cent per kWh rate.  But if you take a longer term view, it could be worth it to contract your power have the contract start at the end of the present three-month rate period.

There are also more choices available in the electricity market compared to natural gas because there are a variety of ways to generate electricity. The state mandates that all distributors buy a percentage of electricity generated from sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric.

But for customers who want to be really environmentally active, suppliers offer “green” energy packages in amounts ranging from 2 percent to 100 percent. Better Cost Control can customize and energy mix specific to a customer’s requirements.

You can contract Green Energy even if you already have a supply contract

In an era of  climate change and energy security, leading companies of all sizes are taking responsibility for their environmental impact by investing in a sustainable future. For a long time, a credible environmental initiative competed with the bottom line.  Now the bottom line depends on it.

Even if your company has an electricity contract already in place, you can offset your carbon impact on the environment very inexpensively through the purchase of Carbon Offsets. These will completely offset the carbon impact of whatever percentage of your electricity usage that you desire.  And the cost is so very low.  For instance, let’s say that your company uses 750,000 kWH/year of electricity.  For a fixed cost of $003 per kWH, or $2250, you can offset 100% of your carbon impact.  Or you might choose to purchase an amount that will offset 50%.  The choice is yours.

For larger companies, the cost drops.  If you use 5,000,000 kWH/year, the cost is only $0.0015 or $7500. (prices based on March 14, 2012 market)  Prices drop further as your size increases.  Plus, it is a fixed one-time charge for the year.

Environmental responsibility is important.  Important for our world and important for your company’s image.

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