Reduce your MPLS network costs by 60%

 you have an MPLS network today that uses dedicated T1 access loops, you may have the opportunity to reduce your network cost by 60%.  While this might not be for everyone, read on.

The qualifications are as follows:

  • Most of your offices require more download speed than upload speed
  • Upload speed of 384K is adequate
  • A failed circuit recovery SLA of 18 hours versus the T1 SLA of 4 hours is acceptable

By using DSL local loops connected to the carrier DSLAM, your MPLS cost per location can be as low as $120 per location.  Those locations that require more than 384K of upload speed will continue with T1 access loops.  The savings are substantial and you will still have the Classes of Service and QoS that makes MPLS superior over VPN over Internet.  While you might frown on an 18 hour SLA, think about the cost savings and whether a backup internet VPN can fill the gap. 

For many companies, DSL loops are a practical solution to reduce your network costs while maintaining the quality of service.  Contact our sister company: MPLS-Experts to learn more.  Visit or call 860-436-2768