Cut electricity costs by shutting down unneeded hardware

You can reduce your power costs by simply shutting down desktops computers and monitors when they aren’t in use. This approach can save 50% on electricity costs, says Nemertes Research.

On average, businesses that implemented automatic power management reduced their power consumption by 20%.  That translates to $100,000 for a company with 1,000 desktop computers,

Turning systems on and off can be automated with a variety of software applications for this purpose.  Demand for such software has skyrocketed.  These applications have the intelligence to know when it is OK to shut down a system.   Products typically require a client application installed on each machine. Typical cost is $40 per desktop. 500 PCs at an electricity rate of 17 cents a kwh (using the average of 200 watts) can save $75,000/year by operating only 12 hours Monday thru Friday. The return on investment would be roughly three months.