Ameren Illinois Customer to Decrease in their Electricity Rates

Ameren Illinois customers will notice a decrease in their electricity bill. Beginning in January residential customers will see a savings of $1.70 per month. This is the second consecutive year Ameren has filed for a rate decrease. Due to grid modernization initiatives, Ameren has been able to save its customers about $45 million in the past 6 years.

“We made a commitment to our customers and state regulators to build a stronger and more reliable electric distribution system and keep rates stable,” said Richard J. Mark, chairman and president, Ameren Illinois. “The plan approved today demonstrates that prudent cost management and solid project execution can help our customers save.”

While the decrease in rates for Ameren customers is good example of how utilities can effectively reduce rates, many other utilities are requesting rate increases and customers are paying more and more each year. Commercial customers do have a choice; however, they can opt to control their costs by signing a fixed price contract. Although the market prices can change if a commercial customer signs a fixed price contract their rate will stay the same for the duration of the contract, which could save them money each month. This also allows businesses to budget for their energy expenses and predict what they will spend for the duration of the contract term. For more information, click here.