National Grid in Massachusetts Increases Basic Service Rates by 40%

National Grid customers in Massachusetts with Fixed Basic Service will see a rate increase on their bills starting on November 1, 2012.

G-1  Fixed customers will see a 9.53% electricity rate increase to $0.07/kWH for the period 11/1/12 to 4/30/13

G-2 SEMA customers will have electricity rates increase by 43% to $0.07231/kWH for the same period.

G-2 NEMA customers will have electricity  rates increase by 41.2% to $0.07478/kWH.

G-2 WCMA customers will have rate increased of 48.8% to $0.07486/kWH.

As a base of comparison, as of this posting on October 12, the one year fixed-price contracts for the above customers, with a November start, would be as follows:

G-2 SEMA: $.072

G-2 NEMA: $0.0722

G-2 WCMA: $0.07199

New Jersey Electric Rates to Decrease June 1

The results of recent electric auctions for New Jersey has been published.  Effective June 1:

Atlantic City Electric customers will see a 2.84% rate decrease thanks to this auction.

Public Service Electric & Gas customers will see a 3.6% rate decrease.

But the biggest rate decrease related to this auction goes to customers of JCP&L who will see a rate decrease exceeding 6% once the new rates kick in on June 1st.

Please note that these rates are for a short time period.  Fixed price competitive electricity contracts will protect your price levels for the long term.