Cut travel and improve communications with Web and Video Conferencing

With the economic downturn, companies everywhere are looking to trim their costs.  Does your company use audio or web conferencing?  If you aren’t, you have an opportunity to reduce travel costs and improve communication.

For audio conferencing, the traditional approach has been to use a pay-per-minute bridging service or use an internal conference bridge.  If you are paying by the minute, the big question is what your rate is.  BCC can help you get a better rate that you have today, in almost every instance.  While you might think your rate is low, you will never know without an outside opinion.

A new technology that is booming is the use of web-based conferencing systems.  These allow you to view everyone with desktop video, while utilizing VoIP to eliminate the per minute phone charges.  Many provider charge a flat rate per month, which can control your costs while increasing your communications capabilities.

Finally, the more traditional video conferencing systems have come down in price and increased in quality.  High Definition video is now reasonably priced, with bandwidth requirements of just 384K to 512K with some vendors.

For more information on how to reduce these costs or for independent support in procuring these technologies, contact Better Cost Control at 860-436-2768.