Why Partner with Better Cost Control?

MANY PROFESSIONALS are making the decision to take control of their careers and leverage their customer relationships by expanding their business into the world of electricity sales and natural gas sales. As well, many electricity sales people are discovering the benefits of being able to offer pricing from a large variety of suppliers, to truly give customers the best deal available.  They have learned that there is more money to be made working as an independent agent for Better Cost Control, since they can build an annuity of income that can build over time, instead of losing commissions when leaving their present employer.

Once the decision to become an independent energy sales agent has been made, the next decision is whether to go it alone and contract directly with the generation companies and suppliers, or contract with an established licensed broker. This question is best answered by first understanding that today’s environment requires a consultative sales approach. Thereby, an agent presents to the prospect the option of several suppliers but, based on the agent’s expertise, with our support and advice from Better Cost Control, recommends a specific choice.

In order to become a true solution seller, going in alone then requires training, licensing and contracting with several suppliers. Supplier contracts sometimes require revenue commitments and typically pay higher commissions with larger volumes. Also, the cash flow from working directly with the suppliers is very slow: your first month’s commission takes at least four months, on average, to receive. In contrast, an established company like Better Cost Control, founded in 2002,  is capable advancing an agent their commissions, in addition to paying a higher commission. Thus, contracting with Better Cost Control provides maximum flexibility:

  • The Very Best Training
  • Back-office support
  • Our agent-only intranet web portal
  • Representation of all the leading electricity and gas suppliers
  • We support sales in all the deregulated states
  • You decide the margins on your deals (this is the #1 reason sales people switch from other brokers to Better Cost Control)
  • The highest commissions in the industry
  • Commission advances
  • Easy online paperless small business sign-ups for IL, OH, PA, NY, NJ & TX

Whether you work for an energy sales company, an energy supplier, or you sell for another industry, it makes sense to partner with Better Cost Control.

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